Grace Overcomers

Grace Overcomers Addiction Minstry, founded on the "Finished Work" of Jesus Christ, is a unique book that adresses addictions from a purely biblical perspective.  Using a sound doctrinal premise to guide us, we have produced a primer that is an able tool in the hands of the pastor/teacher in the local assembly, the professor in the seminary, and the many students that will have questions regarding the issues of addiction.  In addition to the above, it is most valuable in the hands of the person who struggles in this area.  The book is set up in a simple format of Seven Guiding Principles and Seven Governing Precepts.  The Fifteen Foundational Bedrocks; doctrines that when applied to ones life will transform the soul.  There are eleven testimonies in the book that bear this out.  It tells why the 12-step model, even though it may be Christ centered, can only take one so far on the road to recovery.  It is loaded with scriptural citations and Bible commentary.

Used by Prison Chaplain David Stambovsky, he says "The book is vital for raising men out of the dunghill and showing them their great value and potential in God's plan for their lives."  Pastor Thomas Schaller adds, "Study the elements presented in this book.  Testimonies of these believers smack of the genuine transformation that is available to all of us.  I particularly enjoyed the chapter on "The Role of the Local Church in the Recovery From Addiction."
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The Ballad of King George and Other Poems

The Ballad of King George and Other Poems ranges from the lyrical to the narrative as they celebrate the grace of God and sound a clarion call to the seeker of righteousness and truth. Dan Lightsey presents the insights and lessons he has learned and offers them through the words in his poetry.  They are lessons wrought from the harsh realities of his own youthful mistakes and the redemption that he found in the love of Christ.  These are stories to carry with us.  Purchase of this book includes Dan's testimony, 40 Years in the Wilderness.

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40 Years in the Wilderness, Dan Lightsey's Testimony

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