Statement Of Faith

Our statement of Faith & Purpose

Grace Overcomers is an addiction ministry within, and an outreach of, the local church.  We are made up of men and women, who, by childlike faith in the Finished Work victory, given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ, have overcome.  And in a growth process of His grace and knowledge, we are overcoming negative thinking and addictive behavior patterns. In times past, those patterns of enslavement brought on spiritual death.  Ultimately, had they not been broken, they would have resulted in physical death.  Based on a reasonable presupposition, an exegetical search of the Scriptures, trust in a God who cannot lie, and having been taught the truth in faith and verity, we are certain of the things wherein we have been instructed.  These having proven true in our lives, we sit before you clean and sober, living epistles of that veracity and grace.  Though still sinners, we are mirroring His likeness.  Therefore, we do state, without equivocation, that the Bible is the Word of God, written by the prophets of old, inspired by the Holy Spirit, not open to private interpretation, but is to be rightly divided and literally interpreted according to original language, historical setting, and dispensational truth.  Our purpose then, in union with Him, is "the bringing of many sons and daughters (the addicted) to the glory of Jesus Christ."

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